We are elated to announce the winner of the recipient of the S&P Oyster Co. academic collegiate scholarship. Michael Dellaporta Mike joined the S&P Oyster Co. family in April 2016 as a part of the food expediting team. He displays a professional, confident attitude each and every day. His attention to detail is fantastic and is a true acc

How Could a Fish So Ugly, Taste So Amazing!

Caught in the local waters south of Block Island, monkfish tails have a firm white meat that is often compared to lobster. It is a very versatile fish that can be used on the grill, sautéed, or my favorite is when Chef Edgar Cobena stuffs with lobster and avocado then wraps it in bacon! While wrapping it in bacon does make the dish less healthy, Mo

Serving Only the Best

  Oysters at S&P Oyster Co. are local, fresh and flavorful. Our goal is to meet the desires of every oyster lover. From small & sweet to large & salty with everything in between our oysters will please the novice oyster lover as well as an oyster connoisseur. Sampling oysters is like sampling wine, they each have their own flavor a

S&P Oyster Co. Collegiate Academic Scholarship Recipient
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The S&P Oyster Co. team is elated to announce the winner of the first recipient of the S&P Oyster Co. academic collegiate scholarship. Sara Gaccione Sara has been a member of the S&P Oyster Co. family since February of 2015. Her friendly smile and calm demeanor is an asset not only to the hostess team, but to our entire team. Sara is cu