Serving Only the Best


Oysters at S&P Oyster Co. are local, fresh and flavorful. Our goal is to meet the desires of every oyster lover. From small & sweet to large & salty with everything in between our oysters will please the novice oyster lover as well as an oyster connoisseur.

Sampling oysters is like sampling wine, they each have their own flavor and if eaten in the right order bring out flavors in each other that you wouldn’t pick up on if you ate them by themselves.

Come in and ask your server to climb the oyster ladder and experience the specific flavors of each oyster and how they lead into each other.

Raw oysters are not only delish, but they have amazing health benefits as well.

  1. Oysters will boost your immunity. A cup of raw oysters carries 650 percent of the daily recommended allowance of zinc. Zinc is our body’s natural defense during cold season
  2. Oysters are rich in vitamin B. The vitamin B will be a natural energy booster.
  3. Oysters are pure protein. Protein is essential for muscle health

We currently have 6 different oysters featured on our menu and from time to time we will bring in another as a feature or have to substitute one based on availability or weather in a specific region

Stop in and experience a dozen!