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It is our distinct honor to announce a very special milestone for three loyal and hardworking team members as we celebrate their 28th Anniversary with S&P Oyster Restaurant and Bar. 

In July of 1993, Jessica, a high school senior, began her hospitality journey on our service team. She was seeking a work environment that allowed her to balance her personal life, strong faith, and family, while building a career. She started in the bussing department and quickly realized she wanted to be a part of the hostess team. Her pure and graceful interactions with our guests was something unique. We knew Jessica was special and she knew she had a home with us. Jessica has the unique ability to connect with our guests and our team. She is genuine, a great listener and truly cares about others. For 28 years she has been the warm persona and welcoming smile that greets our guests as they arrive and sends them on their way with a sincere thank you and goodbye. 

In August of 1993, Jeremy, a high school student, came to us looking for a part time job. He was focused, dedicated and driven. These attributes opened the door for Jeremy to try every job in the restaurant. He worked as a busser, food runner, expeditor, line cook, supervisor and then a manager. In 2009, Jeremy was chosen to be the General Manager. His natural approach to business has gained him the respect of our team and his business peers. He is our go-to guy, with an incredible capacity for knowledge; whether it be shellfish, steaks, wine, facility equipment or local zoning laws. Jeremy is easy to work with and follow, a natural leader who has great respect for the art of hospitality. A devoted husband and father of five, he spends his free time volunteering in the local schools his children attend. Jeremy is the future of S&P. He is the backbone, putting his heart and soul into leading his team daily and rising to any challenge.

In September of 1993, Rebecca joined us as a server. She served for many years before earning a position as a floor manager. Being a devoted wife and mother of three boys is a job in itself. Rebecca was happy to find a career that allowed her to put her family first and be the best mother she could be. Around the same time Jeremy became General Manager, Rebecca was promoted to Human Resource and Purchasing Manager. Rebecca’s hard work showed commitment to the company’s success. Her attention to detail, level of accountability and consistency is second to none. Today she is more than a manager. She is a mentor, a friend and an intelligent, hardworking woman who we have the privilege of working beside.

On behalf of Pete Nikolaisen, Cathleen Holland and the entire S&P Team, we would like to thank these very special individuals for their hard work over the last 28 years and their dedication and loyalty to the company. It is rare to find people so passionate about their business that they stick with it through thick and thin. They become family, they become the business.
A special night was organized to honor and reflect upon this amazing milestone. Thank you again Jeremy Socha, Jessica and Rebecca Renski for 28 wonderful and successful years, we look forward to many more years to come!

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